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Build your financial future and a healthier planet for all.
In recent years, carbon credits have earned higher returns than traditional investments. But before AVID, only accredited investors and certain types of organizations have been able to participate in carbon trading. Bummer for regular consumers who want to invest in climate impact projects while earning financial returns.

AVID was developed to harness the power of crowd-investing to reverse the climate crisis.  

AVID is the first to provide proprietary fractionalized Avid Climate Units (ACU’s) and make them accessible to nearly everyone in a self-directed platform. Now, you can participate in the carbon market and  earn returns on your climate investment.


Easy-to-use App

Makes Carbon Trading
Simple and Accessible for All

You can invest as little as $1 or thousands. AVID’s intuitive platform makes it easy. Whether you are a first-time investor or experienced, AVID helps you learn about the carbon market and make the most of your investment.

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Invest in the planet!

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You choose the climate projects that your investments support.

Do you want to regenerate ocean reefs and seabeds? Concerned about renewable energy? Are you an advocate for biodiversity? Whatever you are avid about, we have an investment portfolio that lets you make a positive impact in the areas you care about most.

Transparency matters. That’s why every AVID Climate Unit is asset-backed and comes from carbon credit projects that are validated to the highest industry standards.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to see the impact of your investments since the AVID platform shows the performance of projects with near real-time IoT video from your climate projects, plus carbon metrics and your financial returns.

See the Impact of Every Dollar You Invest

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Invest in your financial future while you help the planet.