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Employee Benefits

Introducing the AVID Climate Employee Benefits platform

The first product that enables a company to offer its employees a monthly benefits contribution as a tradable carbon investment


AVID Employee Climate Benefits Process

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Selecting the right projects

  • Only Verified Projects

    All projects are sourced via our AVID Standards methodology to ensure the highest quality are included

  • Aligned to your strategy

    AVID procures carbon tonnage on your behalf based on your budget and goals

  • Making an impact

    All projects ensure the best impact on the climate crisis be it carbon reduction, avoidance, removal etc.


The Right Information at the Right Time

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  • People Dashboards

    Manage staff in real time - See insights on participation, account balances and more

  • Carbon Reporting

    Enable the ESG team to report purchases with confidence to stakeholders and organizations such as SBTi.  Useful data like project types for your zero goals and sustainability audits

  • Credit Utilization

    See insights on tonnage - Past, present and future distributions

Self-Service Management

  • Secure Mobile App

    Allow employees to access their accounts via their phone

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AVID climate investing mobile app

Our Compliance Commitments

AVID ensures each portfolio is audited and aligns with the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the European Securities and Trading Authority (ESMA) to ensure safe trading for all our customers


Launch your New Benefits Platform within 3 months


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