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Invest in Greener Aviation


of CO2e global climate impact of aviation


of aviation's climate impact comes from contrails

>$500 million

estimated 2030 value of CO2e savings from SATAVIA solution

Your investment in AVIDTech helps bring high-impact climate solutions to market:   like SATAVIA’s aviation contrail management technology. SATAVIA is making it possible for aviators and travelers to fly high while practicing good stewardship of the environment.

SATAVIA has developed a solution to solve 60% of aviation’s climate impact. CEO Adam Durant says SATAVIA’s approach “doesn’t require any changes to regulation and could be deployed at scale today.”

Did you know that contrails - the cloud-like wisps behind an airplane in flight - have a big global warming impact?  In fact, eliminating contrails from a flight has almost twice the positive climate impact that would be achieved by eliminating the greenhouse gases emitted from burning the fuel for the same flight. 

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Satavia Contrails

Contrails happen when an airplane travels through weather conditions that cause ice to form in the condensation trails behind the plane. About 20% of flights today cause contrails. SATAVIA uses advanced software to map weather conditions and flight paths to identify those contrail-causing flights before take-off. The software alerts the operators and pilots and suggests slightly modified flights paths that avoid contrail-producing conditions. The new flight paths keep planned flight times within a margin of 5 minutes and fuel consumption within a fraction of a percent.

How do contrails contribute to the climate crisis? Many contrails trap heat that would otherwise dissipate into space, reflecting it back to the surface of the earth.

37.8 million flights are made each year. Contrails account for up to 652 million tonnes of CO2e each year - that’s over a third of aviation's global warming impact, or over 1% of human climate impact. SATAVIA’s solution could theoretically eliminate aviation contrails entirely, reducing the aviation industry’s negative climate impact by over a third.

Gold Standard has approved SATAVIA’s pioneering methodology to mitigate climate change for the issuance of provisional CMOUs (Certified Mitigation Outcome Units). SATAVIA aims to achieve full Gold Standard-approved methodology status within 2023.

Your investment helps scale SATAVIA’s proven solution to the entire aviation industry which collectively makes over 100,000 flights per day.

“We could, in theory, solve this [contrail] problem for aviation within one or two years,” says Dr. Adam Durant, SATAVIA CEO. 

SATAVIA is a ClimateTech company based in Cambridge, UK, with high-performance-compute powered by AWS and Microsoft Azure. SATAVIA's DECISIONX:NETZERO platform has been successfully piloted by Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, ahead of a multi-year production contract to commence in 2024. The commercial partnership between SATAVIA and Etihad prevented over 6000 tonnes of CO2e in 2022, with one flight alone preventing more than 260 tonnes of CO2e. 

The 2030 value of CO2e savings from SATAVIA’s solution is estimated at over $500M.