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Why I’m Dedicating My Time, Skills, and Energy To Democratizing Climate Investing

Bob Lehto AVID Climate Advisor
Bob Lehto AVID Climate Advisor

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined AVID Climate as an Advisor. I am committing my time, energy, and HR industry expertise to help AVID make a huge impact in climate investing. 


The Climate Dilemma

We hear of extreme weather events like flooding, massive wildfires, and killing heat no a too-often basis.  While governments and international organizations, such as the UN's IPCC, continue to work on global solutions, thousands of corporations and businesses have taken matters into their own hands to reduce CO2 emissions.  The Science-Based Target Institute tracks close to 3,000 global corporations that are currently targeting Net Zero Commitments between 2030-2050.

According to the World Bank, Carbon Credits are critical to success in meeting these Net Zero targets. In response, 160 US corporations are confirmed to be using Carbon Credits in their sustainability strategy.


Individuals Follow Corporate’s Interest in Carbon Credits

Deloitte predicts consumer purchases of carbon offsets will become pervasive and grow into a nearly US$100 billion market in developed economies by 2030. Maybe you’ve seen this if you’ve bought an airline ticket recently.

This is where AVID comes in. You already know that AVID is the first retail self-directed climate investing platform. AVID is now also the only solution that allows employers to gift tradable carbon credits to their employees as a monthly benefit in an affordable but meaningful way. AVID Climate Units are mutualized across numerous climate projects and fractionalized to $1 unit so they are accessible to everyone.  Where else can employers find a way to tackle their sustainability goals while simultaneously improving employee engagement with a unique climate-themed fringe benefit? It's a win-win for both ESG and HR. 


What I’m Up To

As an advisor to the AVID Climate Board, I will consult on matters related to product; Go To Market and marketing strategies; and be an HR subject matter expert both internally and to prospective partners and clients.

1.  Team - I will help scale the organization and partner with the executive team to create a culture of excellence.

2.  Acceleration and Market growth - I will create opportunities to introduce sustainability-focused organizations to AVID as a combined solution to both ESG and Employee Engagement initiatives

As Hannah Ritchie says in her excellent book, "Not The End Of The World" we have the opportunity to be the first sustainable generation in history. I want to play a big, impactful role in making this a reality, not just be a passive bystander.

Keep an eye on the AVID website for more news on the For Employers offerings very soon.  Reach out to me if you want to be a part of the solution, as well.